Custom Keypad App

Custom Keyboard App for the iPad and iPhone

The Custom Keypad app allows you to create custom keyboards to control software on your computer over the network from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Create keyboards to send keystrokes, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse clicks to your computer from your iOS device. Most people use this app as a productivity tool to make it quicker and easier to control software on their computer. Popular uses include creating custom keyboards to control Photoshop, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD, Sibelius, games, or just about any software that can benefit from easier control.

A Simple Example

The keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste, are common to most programs. So using this app, you can create a custom keyboard with three buttons, assigning each button to one of these keyboard shortcuts. Then with your custom keyboard, you can send copy, cut, or paste commands from your iOS device to your computer, just as if you were typing directly on your computer!

  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Drag and drop buttons and controls anywhere.
  • Customize the size, color, image, and text of controls.
  • Supports multiple iOS gestures for each control.
  • Send any combination of keys, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse clicks.
  • Design single or multi page keyboard layouts.
  • Create an unlimited number of keyboards.
  • Beautiful retina graphics.
  • Works with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Speed Up Workflow

Become more productive and speed up your workflow with keyboards that perform the most common actions for all your software.

Make Software Easier To Use

Simplify things with keyboards of your own design that handle keyboard and menu commands for you. No more memorizing all those shortcuts or navigating complex menus.

Works With Any Software On Any Computer

The power of this app is that you can control any software that supports keyboard shortcuts on any computer that supports VNC.

Custom Keypad is designed to be very intuitive to learn and use. There’s just a few basic steps to creating a custom keyboard.

Add Buttons


Define Actions


Connect To Your Computer