Custom Keypad allows you to create custom keyboards that you can use to control your computer over the network from your iOS device. You start by creating a keyboard layout, which includes buttons and other controls that you can easily arrange and customize. Then for each control, you define which actions to send to your computer when the control is touched. Actions can be keystrokes, such as keyboard shortcut commands, or mouse clicks such as the left, right or middle mouse buttons. Once you are connected to your computer, simply touch the controls on your keyboard to control your computer from your iOS device! Most people typically use this app to increase productivity by creating keyboards that make it easier to control software on their computer.


Fully Customizable

The app is very flexible and allows you to customize almost everything!

  • Position controls anywhere.
  • Change the size of controls.
  • Change the color of controls.
  • Change the text label of controls.
  • Add a background image to controls.
  • Change the color of the layout background.
  • Add images or text to the layout background.
  • Send any number or combination of keys, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse clicks.
  • Controls support multiple gestures (single tap, double tap, etc).
  • Create an unlimited number of keyboards.
  • Add an unlimited number of controls to each keyboard.
  • Design single or multi page keyboard layouts.

Types Of Controls

You can add the following controls to a keyboard layout. For each control, you can define which actions to send to your computer when the user touches the control. You can send a different action for each type of touch or gesture.

Rectangular Button

A rectangular shaped button that you can define actions for the following touches: single tap, double tap, triple tap.

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Circular Button

A circular shaped button that you can define actions for the following touches: single tap, double tap, triple tap.

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A 4 or 8-axis joystick control that will allow you to define different actions when the joystick is moved into the various zones.

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Directional Pad (D-Pad)

A 4 or 8-axis control with directional buttons. Each directional button can be defined individually for the following touches: single tap, double tap, triple tap.

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Gesture Pad

A rectangular control that accepts multi-finger gestures as well as taps. You can define actions for the following touches: single tap, double tap, triple tap, as well as the following gestures: swipes, pinches, and rotations.

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Text Or Image

Stand alone text labels or images can be added anywhere on the layout..


Powerful Features

Custom Keypad offers a powerful set of features that allows you to build custom keyboards that control software on your computer.

Design Tools

The design tools make it easy to create a custom keyboard. Just add a control, and then drag and drop it anywhere on the screen. Double tap the control to edit its properties and actions. Create a selection around multiple controls and then drag to move them, or press and hold to copy and paste. Use the alignment grid to neatly align the buttons and controls on your keyboard.

Send Keystrokes

Send keystrokes to your computer such as individual keys, multiple keys such as keyboard shortcuts, or a sequence of keys. Most of the time you’ll be sending keyboard shortcuts to make your software perform the action defined by the keyboard shortcut. You can send as many keystrokes as needed, and you can define the exact order that they are sent.

Send Mouse Clicks

You can send left, middle, or right mouse click commands to your computer. You’ll need to define where on the screen the click occurs by specifying the X and Y coordinates of the mouse, or by using the built-in trackpad control. The scroll up and scroll down scroll wheel mouse commands can also be sent, if your system supports it.

Control Options

Easily customize the size, color, background image, and text of the controls. Controls support multiple gestures such as single tap, double tap, and others. For each gesture, you can define what action the control takes.

Multi Page Layouts

Design single or multi page keyboard layouts. If you need more space for controls, just add a new page to the layout. Switch between pages by using a swipe gesture, or by defining buttons to switch to different pages.

Layout Tools

Easily switch between different layouts using the bookmarks button in the toolbar. Duplicate layouts to make it easy to test new ideas. Email layouts to share, backup, or install keyboard layouts on another iOS device.

Computer Connections

To create a connection to your computer, first make sure your computer is running VNC as described in the instructions. Then add a new connection by specifying the IP address and VNC password of your computer. Connect to the computer by pressing the connect button. Connection settings can be saved for all your different computers, making it easy to reconnect at any time.

Integrated Help

Custom Keypad includes detailed instructions to guide you. Just click on the help button on the toolbar of any screen to show the help section for that page.


Professional Layouts


Beautiful Retina Graphics

The buttons, controls, and background graphics are all professionally designed giving the keyboard layouts that you design a sophisticated look. And of course, you can customize the display settings to your preferences.

In-App Purchases

Additional professionally designed layouts are available as In-App Purchases. These keyboard layouts are expertly designed to make them powerful, yet still easy to use.


Technical Specs


iOS Requirements

Requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Computer Requirements

Your computer must have VNC server software installed and running in order for your iOS device to communicate with it. VNC server software can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Mac users can use the built-in VNC server that comes with the Mac. Click here for instructions on how to install VNC server software on your computer.

Special keystrokes or mouse clicks may not be supported by some VNC servers. For example, special modifier keys such as Caps Lock and Shift Lock, or special Windows keys may not be supported. The Shift key may be handled differently by different applications or VNC servers.

Firewall Settings

If you have a firewall, the VNC port must be enabled to allow VNC traffic. For home networks, this is easy to setup via your VNC software or personal firewall. For office networks, check with your network administrator.

Mouse Clicks

The following mouse clicks can be sent: left mouse, middle mouse, right mouse, scroll wheel up, scroll wheel down.


The following keystrokes can be sent:

  • Alpha: a-z, A-z
  • Numeric: 0-9
  • Modifiers: control, alt, shift, command, option
  • Number Pad: 0-9 . / * – + enter
  • Common Keys: escape, tab, caps lock, space, backspace, enter
  • Miscellaneous Keys: , . ? : ; ‘ ” < > [ ] { } / | ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) – _ = +
  • Windows keys: print screen, sys req, scroll lock, pause, break, Windows key, Menu key
  • Cursor Control: insert, delete, home, end, page up, page down
  • Arrow Keys: left, right, up, down
  • Currency Symbols: euro, yen, sterling
  • Function Keys: F1-F20