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Connection Instructions For Linux Computers

Click on the tabs below for instructions.

Configure VNC On Your Computer

Your computer must have VNC server software installed and running in order for your iOS device to communicate with it. You can download VNC server software for free on the Internet.

  1. VNC Server

    Download, install, and run your VNC server software according to the software’s instructions.┬áIf given the option to allow VNC in your firewall, select yes.

  2. VNC Password

    Set the VNC password for your VNC server.

  3. IP Address

    Note the internal IP address of your computer, which is displayed by your VNC software. The IP address looks like four numbers separated by periods, such as

Firewall Settings

Many computers, networks, or routers have a firewall that prevents network traffic on certain ports from reaching your computer. VNC runs on port 5900 by default, so you need to be sure that your firewall allows this port.

Your VNC server may have already enabled port 5900 during installation. If not, you can enable port 5900 by adjusting the settings of your firewall.

Configure The App

On your iOS device, open the app, tap on Connections, tap the plus icon and then select the new connection to edit it. In the Remote Computer Connection section, enter the following settings:


Enter a descriptive name for the computer that you are connecting to.


Enter the IP address from Step 1.


Enter 5900, unless you changed the port.


Enter the VNC password from Step 1.

Connect To Your Computer

Make sure you are on the connection screen of the app (tap Connections, then select your connection from the list).

  1. In the Connection Status section, click the Connect icon to connect to your computer. Within a few seconds, the status should change to Connected.
  2. On your computer, make sure the software you want to control is the frontmost application.

If you run into any errors, see the troubleshooting section below.



Most Common Solutions

Please make sure that:

  • Your VNC server is running.
  • Your firewall allows VNC.
  • Your password and IP address are entered correctly.

App Error Messages

You may get the following error messages.

  • The host, port, and password are required. The port must be a valid port number. Make sure you have entered values for the host, port, and password in the app.
  • The password you entered is incorrect. Please try again. The password that you entered in the app does not match the VNC password you entered for your VNC server.
  • The server does not support the necessary security type, or no password has been set on the connection. Make sure you have set a VNC password for your VNC server. Otherwise, the version of VNC that you are using may not be compatible. Try using VNC software that supports VNC protocol 3.7 or 3.8.
  • The VNC Server on the computer is not compatible with this version. Your version of VNC that you are using is not compatible. Try using VNC software that supports VNC protocol 3.7 or 3.8.